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Your Consumer is Changing: Are You Keeping Up?

Author: Justin Tamsett
Length: 61 minutes
Published: 2017
Format: DVD

Product Code: 827008402991
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Member Price $37.46
Your Consumer is Changing: Are You Keeping Up? addresses what today’s consumer believes, feels, and wants. In that regard, the video explores how clubs can adjust their business to match the needs of consumers. The video also discusses where a club can put its energy in order to maximize its ROI. In addition, the video reviews best business practices from organizations outside the health/fitness club industry. Finally, the video presents predictions concerning consumer behavior over the next 12 months.

Among the topics covered: 

• Expectations > deliverables 
• Trend #1: status 
• Status currency 
• The virtual experience economy 
• Trend #2: new burning personal question 
• Trend #3: tell me about home 
• Trend #4: don’t be evil 
• Positive change in the world 
• Tell consumers you stand for something