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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Every Club Operator Should Monitor

Author: Greg Manns, Melissa Rodriguez
Length: 44 minutes
Published: 2017
Format: DVD

Product Code: 827008402595
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Member Price $37.46
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Every Club Operator Should Monitor provides an overview of the most relevant performance measures for a health/fitness club. In that regard, the video examines the key performance results from several leading club operators. The video also explains how to interpret KPI findings. In addition, the video outlines how to create an action plan to improve specific KPIs.

Among the topics covered: 

• Vision 
• Suggested ratios to regularly monitor 
• Membership 
• Operations 
• Financial 
• Liquidity, financing, and activity/profitability 
• Case study 
• Closing thoughts