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Employee Engagement: A Leadership Commitment

Author: Luke Carlson
Length: 64 minutes
Published: 2017
Format: DVD

Product Code: 827008402397
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Member Price $37.46
Employee Engagement: A Leadership Commitment features an overview of the overarching and pervasive benefits of employee engagement and explains how to position such engagement as a sustainable competitive advantage. The video also discusses how to increase employee engagement by simplifying and clearly communicating the vision component of the business. In addition, the video defines and outlines the specific steps to overcome “immeasurability” for all employees, as well as the specific steps to address both “anonymity” and “irrelevance” for all employees.

Among the topics covered: 

• A miserable job 
• Leadership vs. management 
• Anonymity 
• Irrelevance 
• Immeasurability 
• Action for managers: three steps 
• The four truths 
• Keeping expectations clear 
• Communicating well 
• Maintaining the right meeting pulse 
• Having quarterly conversations