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Creating a Boutique Experience in Your Group X Program

Author: Marisa Hoff
Length: 62 minutes
Published: 2017
Format: DVD

Product Code: 827008398096
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Member Price $37.46
Creating a Boutique Experience in Your Group X Program discusses why the trend in offering boutique experiences has been so successful in the industry. In that regard, the video explains how using the boutique experience can raise both retention and revenue at a club. The video also details key elements that are essential to creating a boutique experience—regardless of club size. In addition, the video points out specific practices that instructors and staff can utilize to craft an amazing experience. Furthermore, the video reviews which tools are critical for designing and implementing a boutique experience for a club’s group X program.

Among the topics covered: 

• Statistics on the success of the boutique studio model 
• Reasons for the success of the boutique studio model 
• Why it’s important to replicate the boutique studio experience 
• Strategies for creating a boutique studio experience 
• Build community 
• Design your space 
• Mix it up 
• Make doing business easy 
• Highlight your strengths