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Leadership for Long-Term Success

Author: Allison Flatley
Length: 60 minutes
Published: 2017
Format: DVD

Product Code: 827008397990
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Member Price $37.46
Leadership for Long-Term Success details a systematic approach for developing leadership. In that regard, the video explains how investing 15 minutes a day in themselves can empower club managers to be better leaders, as well as help them achieve their professionals goals. The video also explores what makes a good leader, and reviews what successful leaders have in common. In addition, the video looks at the factors attendant to effective leadership, using current industry leaders as a model.

Among the topics covered: 

• Self-mastery 
• Leadership model 
• Self-confidence 
• Life goals 
• Fine tune your skills 
• Leadership traits 
• Candor 
• Flexibility 
• Industry leaders