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2016 Profiles of Success Part 2: Membership Pricing, Payroll, and Facilities

Author: Presented by IHRSA
Length: 27 pages
Published: 2016
Format: PDF

Product Code: 6062016
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Price $179.95
Member Price $89.95
The 2016 IHRSA Profiles of Success provides detailed information about health and fitness club benchmarks and other aspects of club performance, including membership growth & traffic, facility reinvestment, financial statement data, and more. The report also contains an overview of the U.S. health club industry as well as a snapshot of member demographics. This year's report also includes a profit center section that analyzes revenue and profit margins from racquet sports, spas, pro shop/retail, food & beverage, and children’s/youth programs.

Profiles of Success is available in full or in three cost-effective parts. This is Part 2, which contains the following information:
  • Membership growth and traffic
  • Club prices
  • Payroll and staffing data
  • Facility reinvestment