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Recruiting, Career Tracking, and Retaining Top Personal Trainers

Author: Nasario Mejia
Length: 65 minutes
Published: 2016
Format: DVD

Product Code: 827008389698
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Member Price $37.46
Recruiting, Career Tracking, and Retaining Top Personal Trainers discusses where health/fitness clubs should look for the best personal trainer talent. The DVD also reviews how organizations can develop an appropriate career track for personal trainers, beginning with their date of hire. In addition, the DVD explains how clubs can provide measurable goals and objectives for success of their trainers. Furthermore, not only does the DVD outline how clubs can develop programs that can help them retain their personal trainers and managers, it also details how they can grow their employee referral base.

Among the topics covered: 

• Roll tide 
• Recruiting spend 
• First who, then what 
• Great trainer? 
• Trainer stereotypes 
• Blend your profile 
• Interview/selection process 
• First who, then how many 
• Top sources 
• Best source 
• Choosing a path