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Slam Dunk Retention Campaigns

Author: Trina Gray
Length: 50 minutes
Published: 2016
Format: DVD

Product Code: 827008390694
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Price $49.95
Member Price $49.95
Price $37.46
Member Price $37.46
Slam Dunk Retention Campaigns reviews how health/fitness clubs can organize, promote, and recognize participants by employing a “Power of 10” membership campaign, which encourages individuals to make at least 10 visits per month to the facility. The DVD also details how clubs can boost attendance at their group fitness classes during the summer months with a “Group Ex Rocks” campaign and game card. In addition, the DVD explains how clubs can get their new clients on track in the first 30 days of their membership with an innovative plan that exposes them to the array of the club’s offerings and rewards them for trying everything that the club offers. Furthermore, the DVD presents an overview of the “Live Grateful,” an off-the-clients membership appreciation campaign. The DVD also emphasizes the fact that nothing retains members more than them achieving RESULTS.

Among the topics covered: 

• Welcome to the family 
• Know what fits your brand 
• Campaign #1 
• Campaign #2 
• Campaign failure 
• Campaign #3 
• Why camps and challenges? 
• Campaign #4 
• Recognition drives retention