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Make Your Club the Pharmacy to Fill Exercise Prescriptions

Author: Greg Degnan
Length: 48 minutes
Published: 2016
Format: DVD

Product Code: 827008386390
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Member Price $37.46
Make Your Club the Pharmacy to Fill Exercise Prescriptions discusses the need for health/fitness clubs to provide specific programming for the deconditioned segment of the population. In that regard, the DVD not only points out that clubs must do more than just offer a membership to such individuals, they must also hire employees who have the skills and commitment to serve the unique needs of these members. In addition, the DVD explores what clubs should do to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for these reluctant and often fearful deconditioned individuals. Furthermore, the DVD outlines the importance for clubs to commit philosophically and culturally to serve this particular membership demographic.

Among the topics covered: 

• Industries in crisis 
• Medical integration/medical fitness 
• Financial impact 
• Medical fitness—is it worth it? 
• Roadmap for integration 
• Programming 
• Cultural changes 
• Facilities 
• Marketing/outreach 
• Financial commitments 
• Summary of basics