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IHRSA Health Club Business Handbook: The Ultimate Investor and Operator Guide to Gyms, Studios and Fitness Centers

Author: John McCarthy
Length: 102 pages
Published: 2016
Format: PDF

Product Code: P327
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Price $199.95
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Price $199.95
Member Price $99.95
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Sponsored by ABC Financial, this is an updated and revised edition of IHRSA's Guide to the Health Club Industry for Lender's and Investors, one of IHRSA's most popular publications. Continuing the tradition of The Lender's Guide, the IHRSA Health Club Business Handbook is designed to help club owners, managers, and investors understand the market conditions in which clubs operate in order to help their businesses succeed.

Charts and graphics are used to aid in helping the reader develop a quick grasp of how a health club operates and the critical factors that can make, or break, the business. All of the details and data that bankers, venture capitalists, and other investors need to evaluate club investments is available in a this publication. Additionally, the IHRSA Health Club Business Handbook examines the key developments affecting the health club industry since 2004, when IHRSA's Guide to the Health Club Industry for Lender's and Investors was last published, and their implications on gyms, studios, and fitness centers.