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How the Health Club Industry Can Save the Affordable Care Act

Author: Walter M. Bortz II
Length: 61 minutes
Published: 2014
Format: DVD

Product Code: 827008340293
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How the Health Club Industry Can Save the Affordable Care Act discusses the fact that the American system of healthcare is not a healthcare system. Rather, it is a disease- care system—a system in which all resources are consumed by repair. Furthermore, the DVD points out that repair is a fiscal and scientific black hole, with an inverse relationship between cost and benefit. In that regard, the DVD explains that it is essential that everyone assumes responsibility for their own well-being. In addition, a massive campaign to eradicate health illiteracy needs to be undertaken.

Among the topics covered: 

• Medicine’s symptoms 
• Health cost mismatch 
• Revolution 
• The mission of medicine 
• The determinants of health 
• Solving the health equation 
• The disuse syndrome