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From Numbers Driven to Members Driven

Author: Kim Manocherian, Janet Woodfin
Length: 73 minutes
Published: 2014
Format: DVD

Product Code: 827008339099
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Member Price $55.00
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Member Price $37.46
Using the New York Health & Racquet Club as a case study, From Numbers Driven to Members Driven provides a compelling overview of how this venerable, iconic institution changed from being a price- and discount-oriented business to one that focused on the needs and interests of the members. The DVD discusses the impact of club’s values (i.e., what it holds dear and serves as a guide to its behavior) on both its selling practices and its business policies and practices. The DVD also explains why selection, training, compensation, and expectations are critical factors in employee behavior.

Among the topics covered: 

• Mission, vision, values 
• Our values 
• Transformed selling practices 
• Business practices—road map 
• HR levers 
• Staff selection 
• Customer service 
• Team building—the three E’s 
• Community building 
• Getting results