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Spring/Summer 2014 Get Active! Magazine - Standard Edition

Author: Presented by IHRSA
Length: 32 pages
Published: 2014
Format: Magazine

Product Code: GASPRING2014-1
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Price $39.00
Member Price $39.00
This includes 1 box (100 copies) of the Spring/Summer 2014 issue of Get Active! Magazine. Log on to read the digital edition of this issue and to learn more about the magazine.

Get Active! is an exciting magazine tailored specifically to health club members and guests. Its purpose is to:
  • Reinforce the reader's decision to belong to a health club, by highlighting the many health and physiological benefits of exercise;
  • Increase awareness of the many services offered in health clubs;
  • Provide useful lifestyle, diet and workout tips to make exercise fun and rewarding for everyone; and
  • Educate a grass-roots movement of fitness conscious consumers to support governmental initiatives that encourage regular exercise.

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