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2013 IHRSA Convention Preview

Author: Luke Carlson, Blair McHaney & Tara Wislocki
Length: 80 minutes
Published: 2013
Format: Webinar

Product Code: 599
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In this IHRSA webinar, you will hear from three IHRSA 2013 speakers. They will offer previews of their IHRSA 2013 sessions, to be held March 19-22, 2013 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Visit for details or to register. This webinar includes previews of the following sessions:

Building an Iconic Personal Training Business: Integrating Proven Principles in Your Club

Luke Carlson, Founder & CEO, Discover Strength
  • Review the “Start with Why Principle” and understand how it will inspire success in your organization.
  • Explore the “First Who, then What” principle and learn how to build a hiring process that is based on congruency with core values and culture.
  • Learn how to achieve differentiation and avoid “competitive homogeneity”.
  • Obtain specific take-home strategies to improve vulnerability-based trust in your team (the foundation of team work), define your organizational culture, and establish your envisioned future.
  • Learn how to ensure key marketing and sales strategies are aligned with your brand, core values, culture and strategic anchors will generate sales, drive personal training revenue, and improve client retention.

Become a Customer Experience Giant: Lessons Learned from the Greatest Brands

Blair McHaney, President, Gold’s Gym of Wenatchee Valley, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Medallia, Inc.
  • Explore how the greatest brands in the world look at, use and respond to the voice of the customer.
  • Discover how to remove the layers that insulate you from your customer.
  • Learn how to engage employees and customers.
  • Understand how to innovate strategic change with 'root cause' analysis.
  • Gain insight on how to use technology to your advantage.

Innovative Marketing Campaigns that Drive Leads

Tara Wislocki, Director of Marketing, Healthworks Fitness Centers
  • Discover how to keep up with the latest trends in marketing.
  • Explore consumer behavior today and how that applies to marketing.
  • Gain insight on how the shift in mobile and cloud computing impacts marketing.
  • Learn how to leverage social media on a budget.
  • Understand the basics of geo locational marketing.