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Changing the Way Fitness is Done!

Author: Cameron Hedges
Length: 73 minutes
Published: 2012
Format: DVD

Product Code: 827008229994
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Changing the Way Fitness is Done! looks at what health/fitness clubs can do from a cultural and business perspective to be successful. The DVD explains that the industry has often failed in its business and staff training approach and outlines possible steps that can be undertaken to rectify the current situation, including embracing change. The DVD also explores the issue of what business the industry is in and outlines what businesses can do to build their tribe (core values). In addition, the DVD reviews why clubs should have an underlying intrinsic goal.

Among the topics covered:

• Background stories
• We have failed!
• What can we do?
• One-on-one?
• What business are we in?
• It’s time to build your tribe
• What is your vision?