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Customer Service: Making Members Feel Special

Author: Patricia Kirk
Length: 55 minutes
Published: 2012
Format: DVD

Product Code: 827008227396
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Customer Service: Making Members Feel Special explores the main factor involved in a human relationship (the body) and how this element affects human behavior. In that regard, the DVD explains why the success of a fitness company is dependent upon the emotional connection that members have to the company brand. Because many clubs fail because they don’t connect to their members, the most important skill that club staff needs to know is how to make members of their facility feel special. The DVD also reviews the fact that the underlying basis for that skill is power of body language and “best behaviors.” In addition, the DVD discusses the five most effective steps for having a staff that can make members feel special, as well as seven training “hows” for achieving best behaviors.

Among the topics covered:

• Why people buy?
• Success of a fitness company
• Some powerful facts
• The most important skill we need to know
• Be on our “best behavior”
• The power of body language
• Emotional intelligence
• The 5 best steps of “the how”
• 7 training “hows” of “best behaviors”
• Creating a great club culture