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How to Create and Implement an Effective Risk Management Plan

Author: Jeffery Long
Length: 68 minutes
Published: 2012
Format: DVD

Product Code: 827008226399
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How to Create and Implement an Effective Risk Management Plan explains why having a sound risk management program is important in today’s litigious society. The DVD provides an overview of a negligence lawsuit and details the best ways to identify and evaluate the risks posed by the operations of a particular facility. The DVD also discusses how to develop and execute a risk management plan. In addition, the DVD reviews options for transferring risks that cannot be eliminated—including the use of waiver agreements. Finally, the DVD outlines how to respond to a specific incident to reduce potential liability.

Among the topics covered:

• Lawsuit basics—negligence
• Risk management steps
• Developing a facility audit
• Transferring your risk exposure
• Waiver & release agreements
• Accident exposure