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You Made It in Management, Now What?

Author: Merle Taylor
Length: 85 minutes
Published: 2011
Format: DVD

Product Code: 827008167395
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Price $49.95
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You Made It in Management, Now What? is designed as a resource for fitness professionals who are in their first three years as a manager. The DVD explains how they can develop a foundation of strong management skills, retain skilled staff members, and achieve an appropriate work-life balance. The DVD also details why they should always remember the fact that they under a “microscope” at all times, as well as outlines how and why they should keep abreast of other opportunities in their field.

Among the topics covered:

• Which side are you on?
• Set goals and objective for your self, staff, and facility
• Know your numbers
• Use your team to harvest new and creative ideas
• Develop a user manual
• Strive for work and life balance