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Why People Don't Join (PowerPoint and PDF)
Why People Don't Join (PowerPoint and PDF)

Why People Don't Join (PowerPoint and PDF)

Author: Presented by IHRSA
Format: PDF

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Why don't more people join health clubs?

During the fall of 2005, IHRSA and a team of researchers at George Washington University Medical Center surveyed a representative sample of the online U.S. population.  The objective of this study was to determine what behavioral barriers prevent Americans from exercising at a health club.

One theory used to determine the behavioral barriers was the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB).  The TPB states that a person's behavior is based on their intention to perform the behavior and that their intention is dependent on their attitudes and social pressures about the behavior.  By using the TPB, a survey was created to determine what behavioral barriers prevent people from exercising at ta health club.  The results from this survey are explained in the PowerPoint presentation and summarized in the PDF report.