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The Economic Benefits of Regular Exercise, 2009
The Economic Benefits of Regular Exercise 2009

The Economic Benefits of Regular Exercise 2009

Author: Presented by IHRSA
Format: Print

Product Code: 525
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Price $49.95
Member Price $29.95
Price $49.95
Member Price $29.95
Experts say that 68% of employers offered wellness benefits in 2007, compared with 57% in 2003, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).
More and more companies want their employees happy and healthy... but do they know that they can also save lots of money by having fitter employees?  This publication will help you get them on board with your health club!

IHRSA's new publication, The Economic Benefits of Regular Exercise, is the solution you've been waiting for. IHRSA has made it easy for you to make the case to business owners and HR professionals that partnering with your health club is the best way for them to lower their sky-rocketing health care costs, reduce absenteeism and increase employee productivity and morale.

Choose to order either the PDF (electronic publication) or bundles of 100 copies of the printed brochures for you to distribute to businesses in your community.

Completely updated in 2009, The Economic Benefits of Regular Exercise highlights the important role exercise can play in helping companies improve their bottom line.  This publication has been expanded and updated with persuasive date about our nation's health care crisis, the benefits of corporate wellness program and, perhaps most importantly, figures outlining the substantial return on investment (ROI) experienced by several companies with such programs.  These brochures will convince even the most skeptical CPA or accountant that partnering with your club is the right choice for their business.

IHRSA members - Download your FREE companion PDF entitled Building a Corporate Wellness Program, A Guide for Club Owners and Operators by clicking here. This companion PDF is also for sale to non-members.

IHRSA can help you close more corporate sales!

16 pages
8 1/2 x 11

New!  Customize the front cover of The Economic Benefits of Regular Exercise PDF with your logo for only $99.95.  Email this convincing publication to your potential clients and members with YOUR logo on the cover!  Call Kristen Walsh at 617-951-0055 ext. 117 to order today!

A note from the author:

When revising IHRSA's publication The Economic Benefits of Regular Exercise, I was struck by the amount of research that shows how even small lifestyle changes can yield dramatic improvements. This is the message I think we are compelled to share with policy makers, legislators, our communities and individuals.

As the debate over health care reform rages on, one thing is certain?exercise is indeed a powerful form of medicine, capable of preventing and treating almost every form of illness that strikes our population. Despite the volume of scientific evidence documenting the economic and health benefits of regular exercise, some individuals are quick to dismiss physical activity programs as impractical or unrealistic strategies for health care cost containment and illness prevention. We as fitness professionals know better. Regardless of your beliefs about universal vs. private coverage, there is no dispute that if every American were to become more physically active, our nation?s health would improve dramatically.

I am pleased that IHRSA continues to develop resources to help clubs make the case for wellness, whether at work, at home or on Capitol Hill. Members may not realize that there is a wealth of free material in the resource center, and there are always new publications at I urge all industry professionals to take advantage of these resources to help educate, motivate and empower our communities and leaders to embrace active, healthy lifestyles.
- Christine O'Neal Thalwitz


"The Economic Benefits of Regular Exercise is a fantastically well-done booklet. I am using it for corporate sales. It is powerful. Congratulations on this terrific sales aid."

- John Brinson, President/CEO
Lehigh Valley Racquet & 24-7 Fitness Clubs
Allentown, PA