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How to Prevail in Competitive Markets
How to Prevail in Competitive Markets

How to Prevail in Competitive Markets

Author: Presented by IHRSA
Format: Print

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The entire fitness industry has entered a new and more demanding era brought on by the intensification of competition. IHRSA Executive Director John McCarthy, drawing on more than 25 years of experience and keen observations, has authored this guide to help club operators not only survive, but to thrive, under these new circumstances.

Sponsored by CheckFree, ""How to Prevail"" provides tips, strategies, and support for fitness center owners and managers who have common challenges and opportunities. In short, ""How to Prevail"" is a must-read for any business owner who wants to be prepared when new competition comes to town.

Key Insights:
  • How to compete with commercial fitness centers
  • 10 ways to minimize the damage
  • Test yourself to see if you and your team are ready
  • How to compete with tax-exempt entities
  • 25 ways to prevail

    Key Readers:
  • Club Owners and Managers: Whether or not new competition has moved into town, this guide will prepare you to prevail.
  • Club Developers: Reading this guide before you start your club may help you with future competition down the line.

    46 Pages
    Published in 2006