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IHRSA's Financial Management Tool (Excel)
IHRSA's Financial Management Tool (Excel)

IHRSA's Financial Management Tool (Excel)

Author: Presented by IHRSA
Published: 2013
Format: Excel

Product Code: 422
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Price $1,495.00
Member Price $995.00
In the club business knowing your numbers is critical to success. IHRSA's new, computer-based Financial Management Tool is a planning and financial management tool that will give you a professional edge and change the way you do business. Its complete set of connected financial statements will help you increase profits and improve cash flow.

This easy-to-use system automatically compares your numbers to key industry benchmarks, provides detailed information regarding staffing, analyzes profit centers, allows you to re-project quickly, sets up the Industry Standard System of Accounting and much more.

If you are interested in learning more or want to order your own FMT, please call or email Kristen Walsh at 1-617-951-0055 ext. 117 or Visit Atwood Health Club Consulting to learn more about the product and the consultant who will help you customize your FMT to your business.

Please note: this tool will be customized for your business. It is not something that will be emailed to you automatically upon purchase. Once you purchase the tool, the creator John Atwood will be in touch with you to customize it for your business.