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Fitness American Style II: A Look at How and Why Americans Exercise (PDF)
Fitness American Style II: A Look at How and Why Americans Exercise (PDF)

Fitness American Style II: A Look at How and Why Americans Exercise (PDF)

Author: Presented by IHRSA
Format: PDF

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In 2001, IHRSA commissioned consumer research which resulted in the popular report, Fitness American Style. This report became a vital asset in our efforts to promote the industry to the mainstream media.

The second edition was released in March 2005.

The THIRD edition of the study is now available, released in 2007, revisits key questions to examine trends in consumer attitudes about fitness and clubs over the past 3 years, and the report investigates several new topics, e.g., the role of government in health promotion. Search Fitness American Style III to order that version.

Fitness American Style II Report Outline:
  • Summary of Key Findings
  • Methodology
  • Comparison of FAS I and FAS II
  • Overview of American Health & Fitness
? Importance of Physical Fitness
? Satisfaction with Physical Fitness
? Reasons Americans Exercise and Play Sports
? Growing Interest Among Americans in Health-Related Activities
? Perspectives on the Obesity Epidemic
? Contributing Factors to America?s Health
  • American Attitudes Toward Exercise: A Segmentation
? Overview
? Balanced Holistics
? Conscientious Preventors
? Social Competitors
? Abracadabras
? Woulda-Shoulda?s
? Sitcom Skeptics
  • Focus on Health/Fitness Clubs
? Attitudes Toward Health/Fitness Clubs
? Key Reasons for Joining Health/Fitness Clubs
? Health Club Ratings
? Who?s a Member? A Demographic Profile
? Who?s a Member? A Psychographic Profile
  • Americans and Health Promotion Policy
? Government Incentives that Could Lead to a Healthier America
? The Government?s Role in Keeping America Healthy
? The ?Fittest? Party
  • Conclusions
? A New Definition of Fitness
? Who Are Health Club Members?
? The Role of the Government in the Obesity Epidemic

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