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Bethany Diamond, founder of Ovarian Cycle, Inc., is a fitness educator, group-fitness instructor, and personal trainer. She is also a PowerBar® team elite athlete and a master trainer for ACE and the Nautilus Institute™. One of ten individuals chosen to be a member of the Nautilus® apparel council, Bethany has published several articles on water fitness that have appeared in IDEA publications and is a long-time contributor to the IDEA water fitness committee. Well-respected in her field, she has worked extensively with fitness professionals, both internationally and across the USA, sharing with them her philosophy of safe, effective exercise that is both fun and results driven.

Take the Curl Out!

Author: Bethany Diamond
Demonstrates how personal trainers can invigorate their classes with purposeful, functional core trainingGÇöwithout performing a single crunch. The DVD explains why training the core should involve more than just exercising the spinal flexors and extensor
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