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Tiffany Crate, MS, is the official instructor for the professional-level Intuitive Eating certification program, which is offered exclusively through the Association of Fitness By Phone® Coaches (AFBP). A nationally-known speaker in the fitness industry, Tiffany has taught hundreds of people how to permanently break free from dieting and deprivation backlash, empower themselves to eat satisfying foods that make them feel really good—both physically and emotionally, and settle at their natural weight. Tiffany is certified by the American Council on Exercise as both a personal fitness trainer and a group fitness instructor. She is also a master Fitness By Phone® coach. In 2004, she was named the 2004 Coach of the Year by the Association of Fitness By Phone® Coaches.

Intuitive Eating: Empowering Clients to Trust Themselves

Author: Tiffany Crate, MS
Identifies and discusses several skills that can help the clients of personal trainers reconnect with their intuition and identify what foods honor their energy and optimal body size, while reigniting their passion and love for food.
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