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Catherine Cram, MS, coordinated a hospital-based maternal-exercise program and instructed pre- and post-natal fitness classes for seven years prior to founding Comprehensive Fitness Consulting, LLC. Her company specializes in providing maternal exercise-certification programs and guidelines to hospitals, health/wellness organizations, businesses, and the military. Catherine is a frequent speaker at health/medical conferences, and has consulted on maternal fitness articles for Glamour, Babytalk, Fit Pregnancy, and Parenting magazines. She authored the booklet Pre-Natal Fitness: Exercise During Pregnancy, and has contributed to several maternal-fitness videos as well as making appearances on nationally syndicated television programs. She is currently a pre- and post-natal exercise consultant on the website She holds a master’s degree in exercise physiology from San Diego State University.

Postpartum Recovery Techniques and Exercises

Author: Catherine Cram, MS
Presents a comprehensive overview of specific guidelines and exercises that can help safely facilitate post-natal recovery.
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