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Barry S. Brown, Ph.D., FACSM, is a professor at the University of Arkansas, and draws upon over 36 years experience as a teacher, professor, researcher, writer, speaker, and inventor. He was an invited speaker in the former Soviet Union on two occasions, three times in Korea, and twice in Italy. In addition, Dr. Brown was one of the featured presenters at the 1988 Olympic Scientific meeting in Korea, 1992 Olympic Scientific symposium in Chamonix, France, the 1996 and 2000 pre-Olympic sports science symposia in Atlanta, and Sydney, Australia. He presented his research at the 2004 IOC Scientific Sports Symposium in Athens, Greece. Dr. Brown is a regular contributor at regional and national ACSM meetings. In his spare time, he has authored over 70 referred articles, several chapters in books, and two manuals. Dr. Brown’s major areas of research focus upon the enhancement of human potential and the interrelationships among physiological, psychological, and mental performance. He devoted the first 10 years of his career to discovering the changes that occur in the brain following different kinds of exercise training. Through this research he was able to discover the neurochemical basis that underlies appetite depression following exercise. Also, this led him into practical areas of research related to performance enhancement by developing training programs that reduce the influence of neural inhibitors on explosive power. His most recent research efforts were inspired by his wife’s fibromyalgia condition. As a team, during the past 12 years, they have been developing intervention programs and conducting research studies to determine the worksite prevalence of fibromyalgia and factors that can help alleviate the symptoms of this painful condition.

F.I.B.R.O.: Fighting Illness Brings Restored Optimism

Author: Barry S. Brown, Ph.D., FACSM
Provides an updated overview of the causes of FM and offers an insightful analysis of what the future holds for victims of this debilitating medical condition. Data from Dr. Brown's research lab is presented that addresses the factors that precipitate the
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