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Luke Carlson is the founder and CEO of Discover Strength based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Discover Strength’s three personal training facilities are among the highest volume/revenue training facilities in the country. Carlson is an ACSM Health and Fitness Specialist and has a BS in Kinesiology and a MS in Exercise Physiology from the University of Minnesota.

Blair McHaney, has been a club owner for 30 years. He is currently the President of Confluence Fitness Partners, Inc. which owns two Gold's Gyms in central Washington. McHaney is the only Gold's Gym franchisee to receive Franchisee of the Year, Visionary of the Year, The Presidents Award, and be inducted into the Gold's Gym Hall of Fame. In addition, his clubs consistently receive the highest customer loyalty scores in the Gold's Gym system (NPS). In 2011, McHaney also accepted the role as Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for Medallia, Inc. after consulting for them for 4 months. He is a lifetime entrepreneur and customer experience practitioner, teacher, student, and leader.

Tara Wislocki is the Director of Marketing for Healthworks Fitness Centers in Boston, Massachusetts. Previously, she worked at IHRSA as the Health Programs Coordinator and at IDG World Expo as their Marketing Manager. Wislocki received her Kinesiology degree from the University of Connecticut. She is an active fitness enthusiast and enjoys boxing, kayaking, running and swimming.

2013 IHRSA Convention Preview

Author: Luke Carlson, Blair McHaney & Tara Wislocki
In this IHRSA webinar, you will hear from three IHRSA 2013 speakers.
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