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Glenn Dunn is the owner and operator of Train To Attain, Inc., a personal training/athletic club, which has been in business since 1994. He provides his professional personal training at this location, where he has trained thousands of clients. He has trained people from all walks of life—from a six-time world title boxing champ to children who want to be champions, from multi-millionaires to people who work two jobs to fit training into their budget, from elite athletes to individuals who just want to be strong enough to get up out of a chair. Since starting in the fitness industry in 1982, Glenn has won many national sales contests, wherein he sold millions of dollars in fitness memberships. He has been trained by some of the world’s best athletic coaches who specialize in strength training, and become a world-class professional trainer himself. He attends many national and world fitness conferences, keeping up to date with current research and maintaining cutting-edge knowledge of the fitness industry. Glenn and his three children—daughters, Erin and Casey, and son, Luke—live in Vero Beach, Florida.

The Dunn Deal: Personal Training Revolution for Personal Trainers and Club Owners

Author: Glenn Dunn
Length 124 pages
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Product Code: 9781585186716