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David Ross has been helping individuals and organizations become more healthy and productive for 20 years. Since obtaining his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 1988 he has maintained a steady practice of clinical and consulting services. He also teaches organizational psychology, business development and creativity at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology in Pasadena, CA.

Ross' specialty is equipping leadership teams to have honest conversations about the dynamics that undermine productivity and morale. Specifically, he coaches people on how to confront others without creating defensiveness or power struggles. This enables teams to address conflict openly and use it productively for change. His core conviction is that people must embrace challenge and risk for personal and professional growth.

In addition to consulting with teams Ross also coaches individuals. His training in clinical psychology equips him to provide more than the standard goal setting and behavioral accountability offered by traditional executive coaches. He works with the underlying cognitive and relational patterns that foster or impede effective leadership.

The Four Disciplines of a Healthy Organization

Author: David Ross
In this IHRSA webinar, sponsored by Cybex, you will learn how to achieve the four disciplines of a healthy organization.
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