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Aymii Couzelis has been with MediFit since 2002 and is responsible for overseeing the technological management and development of MediFit’s products and corporate infrastructure. The groups under her guidance are Client Services, User Experience Design, Development and Engineering, Business Analysis, Quality Assurance and Information Technologies. During Couzelis' time with the company this division has grown from a three person group to a multi-faceted department.

Some of her accomplishments at MediFit include bringing all technical product development in-house, establishing an agile product development lifecycle methodology, instituting client service processes to increase capacity and consistency of service, formalizing quality assurance, and centralizing IT support.

Couzelis joined MediFit with a background in Telecom and Broadband Research and Development and Artificial Intelligence design. She has been involved in numerous innovative projects throughout her career, several of which have resulted in US Patents.

She has worked as a network architect, developer, quality assurance engineer, database administrator and managed engineering teams for American Management Systems, USWest Advanced Technologies and Turin Networks, as well as leading several of her own successful entrepreneurial endeavors.

Couzelis received her degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

David O'Malley has been employed at MediFit for 9 years, concentrating on the delivery of technology based products, and consulting with clients regarding their technology related questions.

He has 20 years of professional experience in the I.T. field, concentrating on Web Development and Systems Analysis.

O'Malley has worked in both large (1000+ IT department employees) and small organizations and with a variety of technologies, ranging from Mainframe Systems, to Web 2.0 technologies.

Emerging Technology Strategies to Enhance Membership Growth & Experience

Author: Aymii Couzelis, David O'Malley
In this IHRSA webinar, sponsored by Cybex, you will learn emerging technology strategies to enhance membership growth & experience.
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