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Michael Mahoney began his career with Tennis Corporation of American (TCA) in September of 1978 as a tennis instructor at Mid-Town Athletic Club in Rochester, New York. In 1983, he was named assistant head pro at Mid-Town and two years later, he was promoted to head pro at Tri-State Athletic Club in Evansville, Indiana (also a TCA club). In 1988, Mahoney returned to Rochester as director of tennis for Mid-Town's Rochester and Syracuse, New York clubs.

In January of 1990, he was promoted to general manager of TCA's flagship club Mid-Town Tennis Club® in Chicago.  In addition to that position, Mahoney was promoted to regional general manager in January of 1994 and to regional vice president in January of 1998. In August of 1999, Mahoney was named national tennis director of TCA.

Mahoney is currently the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Midtown Tennis Club®. His tennis teaching experience includes two years at the Port Washington Tennis Academy in Long Island, New York, which is renowned for developing outstanding junior players.  He is a past president of the Chicago District Tennis Association, the Chicago arm of the United States Tennis Association.

Mahoney is certified by the USPTA and is a graduate of the University of Rochester. 

Scoring an 'Ace' - Successful Tennis Programming for Profit (MP3)

Author: Michael Mahoney
This session was recorded during IHRSA's 30th Annual International Convention & Trade Show in March 2011.
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