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Ilene Bergelson is a renowned health/fitness professional who has worked as a dance instructor and performer on Broadway, film, and television. Her work is influenced by her experience with dance, yoga, alternative medicine, and physical therapy. Certified by ACSM, ACE, and the C.H.E.K. Institute, she lectures on a variety of topics and provides continuing education for other fitness professionals through specialized workshops throughout the country. In addition to her private clientele, she is on staff as a group-fitness instructor for Equinox health clubs in New York City. She has worked with athletes and clients dealing with various conditions, including surgical reconstructions, orthopedic implants, joint replacements, scoliosis, and disc herniations, as well as guided many moms through their perinatal experience.

Training for the Sport of Motherhood

Author: Ilene Bergelson
Reviews the major physiological factors of the pregnant and postpartum client, system by system.
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