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Nick Tumminello is a nationally recognized and well-respected coach and educator in the field of human performance enhancement. The director of Performance University, he is the developer of the Core Bar™ and serves as the strength coach for Team Ground Control MMA, as well as the sports performance consultant for the Esquerre Fitness Group International. A resident of Baltimore, Maryland, where he regularly trains a select group of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and physique competitors, he has authored numerous articles on fitness and has been featured on a number of best-selling DVDs.

Secrets of Joint Mobility

Author: Nick Tumminello
Secrets of Joint Mobility details simple, safe, and extremely effective ideas and insights for achieving pain-free movement, increased mobility, and improved performance. The DVD explores the difference between muscle flexibility and joint mobility and explains why a dynamic flexibility, yoga, or stretching routine may be ineffective and may even promote dysfunction. The DVD explains how self-joint-mobilization concepts can be employed to successfully evaluate and eliminate common joint limitations of the ankles, hips, thoracic spine, and shoulder.
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