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Jason Conviser, Ph.D., FACSM, is president of JMC & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in creating new products and services and developing relationships between healthcare and health clubs throughout the world. Dr. Conviser works with clients on five continents, ranging from single-owner clubs to some of the largest operators in the industry. Previously, Dr. Conviser served as vice president of clinical services with the largest health club corporation in the world, directly responsible for operations of 158 business units and new business initiatives. Dr. Conviser was also past president of North American operations for the leading clinical sports medicine equipment manufacturer in the world. A Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, Dr. Conviser has written two industry leading books, conducted over 1000 presentations, and written over 45 articles that have been published in various journals and newspapers.

Jenny Conviser, Psy.D., is an assistant professor at the Northwestern University Medical School. A licensed clinical psychologist, she is sport psychology-certified by the Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology. Internationally renowned for her expertise in eating disorders, Dr. Conviser has been featured on a number of well-received DVDs that address her specialty.

Susan Foti McClanahan, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of eating disorders and weight management. Dr. McClanahan is the co-founder and co-director of Insight Psychological Centers, LLC and CORE, LLC. She is a nationally recognized expert, leader, and teacher in her field. Dr. McClanahan is on faculty at Northwestern University Medical School.

William Ciganek, M.D., is the medical director for COREsolutions. He is also a board-certified psychiatrist on staff at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and a clinical instructor at the Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University. Dr. Ciganek has collaborated with Drs. Conviser and McClanahan in the treatment of eating disorders and weight disorders since his residency at Northwestern and has served as a consultant to the Insight Center for Eating Disorders since its inception in 2003.

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