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Andrew M. Jones, Ph.D., FACSM, Professor of Applied Physiology, University of Exeter, United Kingdom

Bruno Grassi, Ph.D., School of Medicine, University of Udine, Udine, Italy

David C. Poole, Ph.D., D.Sc, FACSM, Professor of Kinesiology, Anatomy, and Physiology, Kansas State University

Peter M. Christensen, Department of Exercise & Sport Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

The Slow Component of VO2 Kinetics: Mechanistic Bases and Practical Applications

Author: Andrew M. Jones, Ph.D., FACSM, David C. Poole, Ph.D., D.Sc, FACSM, Bruno Grassi, Ph.D., Peter M. Christensen
On the slow component of the oxygen pathway during exercise and why understanding this component is important when looking at exercise tolerance and prescribing exercise intensity.
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