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Gregory S. Moore, O.D., is a co-founder and managing member of the West Virginia Laser Eye Center, LLC. In private practice for more than 15 years, he has devoted his professional efforts to two types of eye care: sports medicine, as it relates to vision, and the care of refractive surgical patients. As a result of Dr. Moore’s developments in the field of sports vision, he has had the opportunity to work with athletes ranging from the youngest in organized sports up through and including some of the most elite athletes playing professional sports today. He serves as a sports vision consultant for several college athletic departments and hospital sports medicine and rehab centers. In addition, Dr. Moore has lectured internationally on numerous topics, ranging from sports medicine as it relates to vision through new surgical instrumentation and techniques in advanced laser surface ablation.

Vision Basics: Seeing Your Way to a Better Game

Author: Gregory S. Moore, O.D.
The importance of making sure athletes have proper visual skills to complement their physical skills is addressed.
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