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Jay Hoffman, Ph.D., CSCS*D is the Chair of the Department of Health and Exercise Science at The College of New Jersey. Dr. Hoffman’s research interests include sport endocrinology, training program paradigms, and nutritional supplementation. One of the most respected professionals in the field of sport science, he has published extensively and is a frequent presenter at professional symposia and meetings worldwide. Dr. Hoffman holds a dual citizenship in the United States and Israel and served in the Israeli Air Force, where he culminated his military career in the post of Commander of the Israeli Air Force Physiological Unit. Currently, he also serves as the Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Plyometrics for the Strength-Power Athlete

Author: Jay Hoffman, Ph.D., CSCS*D
Presents an overview of how to incorporate plyometric training into a basic strength and conditioning program. The DVD discusses why plyometric exercises are not meant to be conditioning drills, rather they are designed to improve the power-performance le
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