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John Cissik, MS, CSCS, is the Director of Wellness Services at Texas Women’s University and the owner and operator of Fitness and Conditioning Enterprises. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He also holds certifications from U.S.A. Track and Field and U.S.A. Weightlifting. Actively involved in the NSCA, John is the NSCA’s 2001-2004 state director for Texas. He also serves as a reviewer for the NSCA’s Strength and Conditioning Journal, is involved with several NSCA committees, and has spoken several times at the national NSCA conference. John is the author of two books on strength training, both currently in their second editions. He has written extensively for professional publications, including Strength and Conditioning Journal, Track Coach, Track and Field Coaches Review, Pure Power, and Weightlifting U.S.A. In addition, he has written for many lay publications, including Muscle & Fitness, IRONMAN  magazine, and Muscular Development. When he is not working or working out, John enjoys spending time with his wife Ewa, their German Shepherds, and their cats.

Dumbbell Exercise Training

Author: John Cissik, MS, CSCS
Presents a comprehensive overview of how to perform upper-body and lower-body strength training exercises using dumbbells. The DVD offers information and instructional advice on techniques, errors, spotting, and progressions for performing dumbbell exerci
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