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Ann Gilbert is the director of personal training and operations for Shapes Total Fitness for Women, which is located in the Tampa Bay area. As director of the 12 facilities, she oversees as many as 120 personal trainers, coordinates the fee-based program department, and serves as the director of Shapes’ corporate nutrition program. Gilbert is a faculty member of the Shapes Academy in Tampa and teaches the popular LAUNCH, a mentorship for up-and-coming fitness professionals. She was awarded the IHRSA/ACE “Personal Trainer for the Year” award in 2001 and has been a popular speaker at both industry conventions and on local TV and talk radio. Gilbert writes for local magazines and is the author of four cookbooks. She designed and implemented a successful children’s program, KIDS GET FIT. She also serves as a marathon coach and is particularly proud of having taken more than 20 marathon walkers to events around the country.

“You Must Be KIDDING”—How to Implement a Kids’ Fitness Program in Your Adult Setting

Author: Ann Gilbert
Outlines how to design a science-based children’s program within the walls of an adult-only facility.
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