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Michele Guerra, MS, CHES, is the president of Healthy-Ever-Afters, a consulting company that helps health and fitness organizations effectively reach and serve ordinary, unfit people. During her twenty-plus years as a wellness professional, Guerra has designed and implemented health promotion and fitness programs in hospital, community, university, and workplace settings. As founding director of Active Living Partners, she led the dissemination of Active Living Every Day, a successful lifestyle activity program designed especially for inactive people. Guerra is a must sought-after research collaborator whose success in applying health promotion research to the real world has sparked new attention to the special health and fitness needs of unfit and older adults.

Selling Physical Activity to a Sedentary World

Author: Michele Guerra, MS, CHES
Examines the basic factors underlying the unfit and older adult markets and offers marketing principles for reaching both markets. The DVD explains how to create powerful advertising messages that attract both types of individuals. The DVD also details ho
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