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Josh Yonushonis has been involved in the hospitality industry for over eight years. He joined WTS International in 2004 as the spa director for Spa Fusion at the Hilton San Francisco and soon after accepted a west coast regional management position. Prior to joining WTS, Yonushonis specialized in spa and health club management and actively participated on concept teams for both Marriott International and Starwood Hotels. While working with Marriott International, he helped develop corporate customer-service standards for resort spas and health clubs. Yonushonis has also helped in the opening and development of several world-class spa and health club facilities.

How to Offer "5-Star" Customer Service in Your Club

Author: Josh Yonushonis
Reviews how a high-end hotel health club & spa flawlessly provides customer service and how health/fitness clubs can implement similar strategies into their facilities. The DVD details how a club can establish high-quality customer-service standards, and
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